Laos Topographic Maps

The most complete Lao maps collection at 1:50000 scale.


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These maps were created by the U.S. Army Map Service (Series L7015 - 1965). They date back from the Vietnam war era. However, the landscape has not changed significantly along the last fifty years, and these maps are still useful if you plan to travel in the remote areas of the country.


The maps belong to the public domain. They have been collected from three websites : the University of Florida Libraries, the University of Texas Libraries (hosting the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection) and the Vietnam Center and Archive. The maps retrieved from the University of Florida were only accessible as zoomed portions of the original maps. Therefore, the maps had to be rebuild after tiling the fragments with pixel accuracy.

Apart gathering the dispersed maps on a single website, our contribution has been the development of a dedicated tool to help find rapidly the right map for a given area.


If by chance, you possess one of the lacking maps, you can help make this collection fully complete. Contact us and we'll provide a link to upload a copy of this most desired map. Thanks for your help.

The Explo-Laos team

Each of the red dot is centered on one of the 365+ maps, covering most of the Lao PDR. A mouse click on any of these dots opens a balloon where you can select "Download" to retrieve the map as a jpeg file. Since each file weights 10-20 Mo, the download may take a while, depending on your internet connection speed. Be patient. With a proper DSL connection, the operation takes less than 20 s.

Of course, you can zoom and pan this map, or switch to a satellite image display